The Peruvian Experience —What I found and brought back

Peru— is a destination that always fascinated me. I spent a long weekend in Lima several years ago and left craving more. My whole weekend in Lima was filled with people talking about the treasures that Peru holds, and their shock that I was in Peru just to visit Lima. Peru is the home of ancient archeological sites, with an incredibly diverse range of cultures. The country stretches from arid regions in the western Pacific coastal areas to the green and luscious Andes mountains. Home to a big chunk of the Amazonian rainforest, Peru has no dearth of native cultures, arts, and crafts.

For 18 days we were amazed by the nature and the excellent food of the Peruvian culture. Their people are just so kind and It's amazing how everyone loves animals there, they even take care of stray dogs.

During our trip, we took a train to Cuzco, we visited the Macchu Pichu which gave me one of the most impressive views I have ever seen. We also visited the Sacred Valley and stayed in a very nice resort: Aranwa Sacred Valley Hotel. We took advantage and got to know Pisac, which is an artisan town in the Sacred Valley and it is mainly where I found the products that I have brought.

Read on if you’re interested in the backstories of these pieces:

The Alpaca Throws

All of our throws are handwoven pieces, made from 100% baby alpaca wool. They’re available in three different color variants and will make a great addition to the backrest of your couch or even your bed. Baby alpaca wool is known for its softness, providing warmth akin to that of an embrace. It is also durable and sustainable. If you’re interested in purchasing these Peruvian ‘hugs,’ head over to our website.

Alpaca Throw from Peru

Horn Coasters

These coasters have been handcrafted from genuine water buffalo horn, and have been polished to achieve a smooth, glossy finish. Please do keep in mind that they are all individually-harvested natural horns, and so the patterns on them will vary from piece to piece. If you’re interested in this rustic item, you can purchase it here.

Horn coasters from Peru

Horn Bowl With Spoon

Made from water buffalo horn, this bowl and spoon set is truly one of a kind. You can use it as a display piece but it is also crafted for functional use as well. The spoon has well-rounded edges that make it safe for use. Like with all things natural, there may be pattern variations on the bowl as well as spoon as the horns are naturally sourced. They come in two different shapes, and you can purchase them here

Horn bowl with a spoon from Peru

Wood Platter

This sectioned platter is carefully crafted from tree roots. Its rustic vibe can be attributed to how it is exclusively handcrafted from just wood, without any additives like PVC or glue. Its surface is sanded and polished to a smooth finish. It can be hand washed with warm water and soap and air-dried. The platter will make a great serving tray for Christmas and Thanksgiving parties, to serve nuts, dry fruits, or even toffees. Remember never to pop these in the dishwasher or expose them to direct sunlight. This platter comes in two size variants, and can be purchased here

Wood platter from Peru

Wooden Spoons

These wooden spoons are handcrafted by master artisans in a community fair-trade environment. They have no glue or toxin coatings, and the smooth finish on the surface is purely from sanding and polishing. Like all things handmade, the spoons may vary in color and shape.
The spoons come in three variants based on the purpose of usage. If you’re interested in these spoons, you can purchase them here

Wooden spoons from Peru

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